1. Join the region where you live.
  2. Read the Welcome and Introduction Packet available after signing up.
  3. Join the Florida Militia Facebook and seen.is pages.
  4. Join the Florida Militia Region "X Name" Company Facebook and seen.is pages where X is the region number and Name is the company name of your region.
  5. Attend the next Event in your region.
  6. Decide if we're right for you.
  7. If you decide to stay, attend as many events as you possibly can and see if you would like to be a staff member in the S Shops.
  8. Purchase textbooks and required training materials.
  9. Invite people to meetings who qualify to be members. Pick them up and bring them if you have to.
  10. Make whatever effort you can to purchase uniforms and other recommended gear.
  11. Get as much training as you can including the recommended training outside of the FL Militia.

Step by Step: How To Participate and What You Can Expect

The Florida Militia

an American Tradition since 1845!

S Shops Sign-up sheet

FLM300- How can you help?  There is an endless list of things that someone could do to help our organization and not everything is listed below however the list below covers much of it.  Without you filling the spots, we cannot operate as we should, “many hands make for light work”!

S Shops:

We need people to fill all these positions in all Companies and local units.

S1 for Manpower or Personnel ________________________                                                     
S2 For Intelligence and Security ________________________
S3 For Operations                         ________________________
S4 For Logistics                              ________________________
S5 For Special Plans                     ________________________
S6 For Signal Communications   ________________________
S7 For Liaison                               _________________________
S8 For Finance and Contracts    _________________________
S9 For Medical                             _________________________

Team Leaders for Fire-Teams and Squads:

We are looking for individuals that have had experience leading a Fire-Team or Squad (typically known as a SGT or SSGT).

Fire Team Leaders                             _________________________
Squad Leaders                                    _________________________

Additional support roles:

Camp Engineers                          _________________________
Supply Depots                             _________________________
George Washington Youth program ____________________
Drone Operators                         _________________________
Chaplains Corp                            _________________________
Quartermaster                            _________________________
Other                                            _________________________

S shops

Only with your help can we succeed.  

Training Program

Our program provides many types of information and instruction on the following:

  • Militia History
  • Basic First Aid
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Emergency Response Team Membership
  • Small Group Leadership Skills
  • Disaster Relief
  • Communications
  • And A LOT MORE!!

We also encourage our members to attend all of the following programs as soon as possible:

  • First Aid and CPR Certification
  • HAM Licensing
  • Appleseed Marksmanship Program